Nutritionist & Fitness Coach in Hagerstown, MD

There are tons of weight loss and wellness programs out there that you can try, but very few of them are tailored around you, the individual. If you’re looking for a weight loss program in Hagerstown, MD that’s focused on you and your unique goals, it’s time to experience Rhodes Preventive Health! We take a unique fourfold approach to helping you on your journey to total wellness, focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress management and maintenance.



Many diets and weight loss plans treat food like the enemy. Not ours! We believe food should be enjoyable, while also being beneficial. With a meal planning approach that includes foods you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to develop healthy eating habits and stick with them. Our nutritionists in Hagerstown, MD will make sure you’re taking a healthy approach to food—not one that restricts or glorifies it.

Our approach to nutrition is simple: eating smarter, without being restrictive. Each plan is individualized around your likes and dislikes, with three weeks’ worth of meals planned upfront, to help you get into the right habits and mindset. No food is eliminated as you learn to work in harmony with your body’s natural weight-regulating mechanism. You’ll lose body fat and weight comfortably, increase health and never go hungry or be overweight again!


Exercise is a cornerstone of healthy living. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to being active. Jeanne will design a program allowing you to incorporate activity back into your life, including those who require a wheelchair or seated exercise. You’ll get the confidence that comes from working directly with a fitness coach in Hagerstown, MD.


Each interval program is tailored specifically around the fitness level of the person doing it, to help you feel comfortable and motivated. As your fitness level improves, we’ll work to adjust and scale your exercise level, even adding resistance as you reach intermediate capabilities. And, as you incorporate this walking regimen into your daily life, you’ll see benefits that last for 21 hours at a time!

Stress Management

Also known as cognitive restructuring, stress management is the process of replacing negative and or stressful thought patterns with constructive thoughts and beliefs. Getting in shape and changing your fitness outlook isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright stressful. And, the everyday stresses of life can make things even harder to achieve your goals. We offer group classes at our stress management center in Hagerstown, MD that teach you all about stress: what causes it, how your body reacts to it and most importantly, how to deal with it properly. We’ll give you the strategies you need to keep stress from affecting your health and wellbeing, so you can live happily and healthily.

Maintenance Program

Losing weight and getting in shape are great milestones, but even more impressive is maintaining these changes. It’s not always easy and sometimes, you’re going to need help. It’s why we’re always available to help you keep yourself accountable and stay on track. Count on us to help you keep your changes permanent and be there for you as you strive to maintain your healthy lifestyle!

For more information about the program or Jeanne Rhodes’ approach to positive health and wellness, contact us today at 301-739-8870.