Three essentials in lifestyle change:

Nutrition: Eating is meant to be enjoyable!  Eating must continue to be enjoyable to ensure permanent weight loss and increased health.  It is critical that you eat foods you enjoy!  Eating diet foods or foods you don't like will deliver only temporary results, and are not appropriate for long term lifestyle change.    

Exercise:   Jeanne will design a personal interval walking exercise program that is geared to your lifestyle, your time, and your special health requirements.  This program will be modified to meet the needs of everyone, including those who require wheelchair or seated exercises.  

Cognitive Restructuring: This is the process of replacing negative and or stressful thought patterns with constructive thoughts and beliefs.  This results in noticeable positive shifts in your perception, thought processes and reduced stress.  This is a critical step in assuring your success with wellness lifestyle changes.  Changing  your thinking will change your life!    

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