The Program

"Jeanne Rhodes is one of the nation's leading scholars on weight loss and metabolism". -- New Body magazine

The Program:

Cutting Edge Research:

♥ Jeanne Rhodes's program has changed the lives of many of her clients over the past 20 years.  

♥ Jeanne incorporates your physician's recommendations, developing an integrative approach to healing.   

♥ She encourages, supports and guides by creating individualized programs to suit the specific needs of every client.

♥ Receive Weekly one on one appointments with Jeanne to support your success with the program!

In one week you could be losing weight and experiencing an unbelievable increase in energy! Whether you have 200 pounds or 20 pounds to lose, the simple but scientific concepts of our Program will teach you how to decrease body fat stores and body fat production healthfully and permanently. In following the Program you will eat foods you enjoy, lose weight comfortably and increase your energy level without the discomfort and health risks of dieting. Most Health Professionals are now recommending a Lifestyle Change to lose weight healthfully and PERMANENTLY. That's what we are all about!

No food is eliminated as you learn to work in harmony with your body's natural weight-regulating mechanism to lose body fat and weight comfortably, increase health and never go hungry or be overweight again!

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Jeanne's program is based on cutting edge scientific research from leading metabolic researchers and cognitive restructuring experts.  She imparts an understanding of metabolic science and new research in a way that is easily understandable and practical.  Jeanne's clients come away with the ability to problem solve issues that confound us all and will assure her client's success.                               

Following are some of the highlights:
~ You must not go hungry!
~ No calorie counting, no weighing and measuring of foods, no elimination of favorite foods.
~ Delicious meals and snacks planned for you, from foods you like, for the first three weeks, then one - on - one  assistance in private weekly appointments to assist and teach you how to plan your own meals and snacks.
~ You will learn how to eat your favorite foods in a scientifically proven way that will increase calorie burning, reduce body fat and increase health.
~ An Exercise Prescription is designed and instructed for each individual at each individual's level of fitness, from those who exercise on a regular basis to those who have never exercised and have physical limitations. Most people prefer a walking program that they can perform at home. The exercise is very simple, easy to perform, but powerful, in that it delivers 21  hours of health and weight loss benefits after you complete the exercise.
~ Weekly classes are presented so you will learn and understand the science behind every aspect of your Wellness  Program  that increases health, metabolism and fat burning for a permanently energetic, healthy and slim lifestyle!

Jeanne Rhodes and her consultant, Dianne Hagan, have created a program that is guaranteed to bring you the results you want through a very simple plan that the whole family can enjoy.

Consultant: O. Dianne Hagan, MS PhD ABD

Certified Health Education Specialist

ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist